Iranian Casings Processing Company

Iranian Casings Processing Company is one of the largest casing exporters in Iran. It was established in 2007 with the purpose of reforming Iran's casings exporting business. Iranian Casings is a subset of Arya Holding Group which is a multinational corporation. It has offices in Iran, Dubai, and Canada. Other subsets of Arya Holding are listed below which are active in various fields:

1. Arya Vajd: The sole distributor of Merck. It has 92% of the Culture Media market, great portion of the Laboratory chemicals, and considerable market share of the pharmaceutical raw materials in Iran.

2. Arya Hakim: The sole distributor of Cordis cardiovascular and endovascular products in Iran. Arya hakim has 85% of the Iranian market share.

3. Bio Sense Webster: an affiliate of Johnson and Johnson which has more than 80% of EPS's (Electrophysiology System) market share in Iran.

4. DePuy Spine: an affiliate of Johnson and Johnson.

5. Codman: an affiliate of Johnson and Johnson.

6. Therakos Inc: an Affiliate of Johnson and Johnson.

7. Arya Meric: with twenty highly educated professional staffs, is one of the preeminent marketing firms in Iran.

8. Nature Biotechnology: Is the largest Biotechnology facility in the Middle East. It produces unique fertilizers and pesticides. It has also conducted many researches on agricultural biotechnological products and animal biotechnological products including cell culturing.

9. Iranian Casings Processing Company: is one of the largest casings exporters in Iran.

10. Arya Fakhr Jam Co.: Is a general trading company which is active in Automobile, meat and Gelatin imports, and raw skin and hides exports.

11. Sahel Tuna: is a producer of Tuna Canned Fish.

Iranian Casings Processing Company has good infrastructure, people, and resources and is willing to form a joint venture/cooperation with companies which share our common goal.

Jamshid Nafar
Chief Executive Officer