casing industry

Food supply societies have always been the most important concern of the planners. There is a healthy society and refreshed with proper nutrition is possible. Among the index of food, perhaps most important value cheap food. Ph.D cattle because of possessing acid necessary for the first body, special position.

In this area in the main sources of supply cheap (red meat, white meat, chicken, fish and eggs) in western societies, especially in Europe, using the intestine, as a cover natural industries in sausage and sausage has long been considered.
Therefore, by paying attention to the main source of the natural cover which is under the mucus layer intestinal small rodents, particularly sheep and goats, a small intestine anthropology.
casing introduced:
What casings?
intestines are part of the stomach end (پیلور ) to rectal area (Anus) along the.... Most of them former like a narrow duct is a narrow or small intestine and part of the scolding and complex they called colon. During the dog intestinal 5, equal to 20 cows, small rodents (sheep and goats) and 25 times in the horse 10 body length.
The average long Small Intestine in cows in about 40 meters in sheep and 25 meters. Qatar's average cow in about 5-6 cm and in the small champ (sheep and goats) 2-3 Cm. Also intestinal narrow smaller divisions in the name of the duodenum (Duodenum), intestinal empty (Jejunum) and ileal smooth muscle (Ileum).
The wall narrow intestinal inside out included layers of the following


2-Sub mucosa
In fact, this layer after heart surgery that Surat intestinal Workshops were used. This layer between this phlegmish muscle and class and sex of papyraceus scar. *fields (a kind of cheap) in abundance in this context are present. lymph nodes under the mucus or Brönner in the area is located duodenum. Also masses of the first in the structure of this phlegmish.

3-Muscular layer
muscle layer contains two layer smooth muscle domestic and foreign cyclical soon.
4- Serous layer
  The most foreign layer that level intestinal outside.
Many of small intestine and includes transfer of food to the stomach Colon, making full digest action, attracting final products are the result of the Digest discharge and some of the hormone. *In abundance in papyraceus scar mucus layer under narrow intestinal exists, in fact the most abundant and cheap body in man about 30% dry weight body.
At the end of the material could be expressed that natural cover has been used in processing industry sausages sausage and in fact transparent layer under mucous intestinal narrow small rodents (sheep and goats) that after completing the refining as one of the resources of the origin of a trap with cheap used.

Casing stages of processing first stage intestinal processing thin out the intestinal Contents (of) and a clause in that group of five tens or sevens.
 In the second round of the same shops are making, in these workshops are intestinal Aquifer in the salt water or technically to $10,000 to be soft and it would be better to evacuate bowel, tepid water into it.

On the "two times" with the use of his skill intestinal this time the thick of the gap between bamboo to pass this time the septum intestinal Biruni out.
what this stage remain curtain or intestinal middle layer under the same mucous is called orginal. Then the intestinal orginal in 5 to 10 labs division, salt and shops intestinal Surat transferred to. Surat intestinal operations in Surat shops by opener. Opener intestines are opened and the group of 25 sevens delivery. work that is very special work will be the chassis (Qatar intestine) and then separated from the intestines are based on their bodies and the quality of (sealed, stiffness, color). caliber for quality of her 1-14-16 millimeters to 28-30 millimeters. 2 degrees with intestinal quality lower than the caliber 16-18 millimeters to 24-26 millimeters and intestinal degree with quality lower than the caliber 18-20 millimeters to 22-24 millimeters to include. In the next stage "as" the intestinal each degree with a long, long 91 yards or 100 yards that a regiment will be called division. Every regiment in the division with regard to the caliber and his color with a distinct from other regiments. For example, a regiment caliber 18-20-1, when blue will be clear and the regiment with a 2 b or blue and black will be clear. Then regiments table genocide regiment have been taken and completely covered with salt. At the end regiments into a group of ten inside barrels are in and sealed barrels will be ready for export. It is necessary that the same things came above all the stages of processing intestinal without using industrial machinery and use of individual skill workers will be the most human power tension in the production the responsibility of the products for export.